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Intellectual Property

By filing with the United States Patent and Trademark office you are telling the world this is your work and by doing so you’re protecting that work. When do you need to file a Copyright, Trademark, and Patent service mark? You would need to Trademark your name and logo to brand your goods and services. Patents are to protect your inventions and copyright protects original artistic and literary works. Do you need to file with USPTO? 

Estate Planning

Plan of Action for Estate Planning

Originally, estate planning meant only how to handle the transfer of a person’s property to family, friends, charities, etc. upon the owner’s death. The term today additionally includes other areas of relevance, such as a Power of Attorney (giving control over assets and/or medical to a particular person), an Advance Medical Directive, Revocable Living Trust. and more.  

For the majority of individuals, estate planning contemplates using two sets of documents: one set is for Wills and Trusts, while the other set of documents concerns the power of attorney (POA). 

  • Wills and Trusts are those documents that can be used to control how a person’s property is transferred upon their death.
  • Power of Attorney (POA) establishes an agent-principal relationship that allows the agent to act upon the principal’s behalf and interest during the principal’s lifetime.
  • A properly drafted POA can provide the principal with some measure of control over situations even when the principal is incapacitated.


Estate Planning is a vast subject matter, so we are giving only some very basic and simplified background information on this subject for purposes of discussion only.  

Please understand that the law on this subject varies from State to State, even from county to county within a State-please consult a knowledgeable attorney in your State regarding estate planning.

Some words are capitalized, such as Wills or Trust, to help the readability of the information. 


Business Start-Up 

Starting Up A Business: The Steps

 Business adventures usually begin with a map–an outline of the place from where you begin–showing you the way to get to the destination where you want to end. For a good start in a business venture, there are several stops along the way before reaching the final destination. Each stop needs to be investigated further before moving on to the next one. 

  • Startup counseling
  • Formation of corporations, LLC’s and other entities, and preparation of related documentation
  • IP agreements, including IP assignment agreements, licensing agreements, confidential information and inventions assignment agreements, and terms of service/use and privacy policy
  • Mergers and Acquisition agreements. 

Contract and Documentation

In any contractual relationship, it is imperative that everyone establishes what they want to obtain by entering into a contract. Unfortunately, oral contracts or poorly written contracts can get both parties into trouble and end up in contractual disputes. To keep you and your business safe start off with a contract written by a knowledgeable attorney. We at Long & Chybk have over 40 years of experience in helping businesses thrive. 

  • General Contracts
  • Employment and consulting agreements
  • Commercial contracts, including services agreements, partnering agreements and vendor/supplier agreements
  • Patent and Trademark advice and registration

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